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About Us

The Keep Story

"Born out of desire for the best, at the least"


Our founders Alan & Kenny, disgrunted with what was currently available in the market, came together and asked, "What if?" What if we built a high quality underwear brand that is extremely comfortable, fit great and most of all, sold to customers at a value price?

With this idea of building a great underwear for less, the two guys travelled afar and poured in their heart and soul to engineer a line of underwear to give the best, at the least to you. KEEP was launched in April 2016 and became an instant hit.

Available in a range of different styles in fun colours, prints and oh-so-comfortable material, KEEP was made ,as the name suggests, to be a keeper.

"We are passionate about building a brand for KEEP(s), one that we'll be proud of and you'll be proud to wear."

- Alan & Kenny